How Was Your Ride? Yolobus Wants to Know!

13:00 PM

How Was Your Ride? Yolobus Wants to Know!

BeeLine vehicle and Yolobus vehicle in front of the Woodland Community Services & Senior Center

Woodland, Calif. (July 2, 2024): Have you recently traveled with Yolobus? The Yolo Transportation District (YoloTD) is eager to hear about your experience as we develop our 2024-2031 Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP)!

What is an SRTP?
A Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) details how a public transportation system will function over the next several years, usually spanning five to ten years. Both the Federal Transit Administration and regional organizations like SACOG require an up-to-date SRTP for agencies to obtain federal and state transportation funds.

This plan will guide YoloTD in making informed decisions regarding services like Yolobus fixed routes, BeeLine, and ADA paratransit services (Yolobus Special). Your feedback is crucial in ensuring these services meet the needs of our community.

Survey and Raffle
YoloTD is seeking community input through a survey to shape the future of our transit services. As an added incentive, participants who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a gift card. Winners will be selected after July 26, 2024, and notified shortly thereafter. To be eligible for the raffle, survey participants must provide their contact information at the end of the survey.

To capture feedback from our diverse community, the survey is available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Russian. You can take the survey by visiting:

Learn More

For additional information on the SRTP, visit our interactive web pages:

Your input is vital to us as we work to improve our transit services. Thank you for helping shape the future of Yolobus!