Executive Director Update: California Transportation Commission (CTC) Postpones TCEP Funding Request for Yolo 80 Project

10:44 AM

On 3/23 the CTC postponed consideration of the TCEP funding request for the Yolo 80 project. This last-minute turn of events was precipitated by a letter from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) reiterating concerns raised in an EIR comment letter by CARB several months ago asserting flaws in Caltrans’ methodology for evaluating traffic impacts. The Final EIR will include a response to this comment.

CTC staff thought it was prudent to delay taking action on the TCEP funding request until the EIR is finalized, so that the issues raised in both CARB letters – and all the other EIR comment letters –  can be addressed. Although the CTC routinely approves funding requests for projects that have not completed environmental review, they feel that is the best approach in this case.

The result of this delay is that the CTC will take up both the tolling authority application and the TCEP funding request in the same meeting. That meeting will be held in Orange County on May 16-17.