Learn 2 Ride Yolobus – October 20, 2023

13:37 PM
Ever wondered how to make your Yolobus journey a breeze? We’ve got you covered!
Participants in the training can expect to learn the following key aspects:
✅ Yolobus Route Familiarization: Discover an overview of Yolobus routes, including information on where you can catch the bus. Understanding the network of routes is essential for effective bus utilization.
✅ Reading Schedules and Route Maps: Master reading Yolobus schedules and route maps, enabling you to plan your trips effectively and ensure you arrive at your destination on time.
✅ Fare Information and Rider Policies: Obtain a clear understanding of fare structures and essential rider policies to ensure compliance with Yolobus policies.
✅ Best Practices While Riding: Learn valuable tips on how to board the bus, especially if you have a mobility device. Discover how to signal when you’re ready to disembark, ensuring a safe and smooth exit.
✅ Senior Reduced Fare ID Application: For eligible participants, the program provides assistance in applying for a Senior Reduced Fare ID. This enables seniors to take advantage of reduced fares, making public transportation a more affordable option.
Come and join us for an exciting day of learning and adventure at our Learn 2 Ride event! Whether you’re a first-time rider or just want to sharpen your skills, this event is for you!
Learn more and register now at Yolobus.com/Learn2Ride or register in person at the Woodland Community & Senior Center located at 2001 East St, Woodland, CA 95776.